Coaching Based on Positive Psychology

As your career coach, I use positive psychology to help you focus on and enhance the positive aspects of your life. This method emphasizes resilience, optimism, creativity, and hope, leveraging your personal strengths and positive experiences. By identifying what you excel at and what brings you joy, we can find job opportunities that align with these strengths. Focusing on positive attributes and fulfilling work can significantly enhance your well-being and satisfaction in your career, helping you thrive in a role that meets your needs and aspirations.

I have had five very successful careers: professional photographer, film director, and then higher education academic. Why so many, you ask. When you get very good at your job, the company wants you to keep doing it. After a few great solutions, I looked for new challenges to enhance my skills and receive a sense of flourishment.  My latest career goal is to develop cutting-edge generative AI tools to support career growth using research based on leaders in the positive psychology field. This led me to develop my research in positive psychology for career coaching.

These generative AI tools will enhance your creativity and flexibility, helping you to think in new ways and respond more effectively to challenges. By using these tools, you will build lasting resources in various areas, such as physical, intellectual, social, and psychological, which will benefit you throughout your career.

I invite you to a free twenty-minute consultation to experience these innovative coaching techniques firsthand. Click the contact page link to schedule your session and take the first step towards a more fulfilling career.

Warm regards,
Dennis Glenn, MFA
Your Career Coach based on Positive Psychology 

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