As a Certified Life Coach, I believe that the benefits of Positive Leadership Coaching enable people to build positive emotion, gratification and mastery of their domains.  I have over 35 years assisting clients of all vocations to find their passion and meaningful employment.

     As a Certified Life Coach, I believe that the benefits of Positive Leadership Coaching enable people to build positive emotion, gratification and mastery of their domains.  I have over 35 years assisting clients of all vocations to find their passion and meaningful employment.

     My experience in finding new and rewarding careers began about five years after I established my advertising photography business. I added commercial film producer and director to my resume and advanced my skills to where I has accepted to the Directors Guild of America. As my film career progressed, I needed to add a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Technology to my skillset. While in graduate school, I was asked to teach courses in television production. I found helping other students realize their passions and job potential very satisfying.

     This revelation enabled me to make a major decision to follow this path and I left the film business to join the Advanced Media and Technology Department at Northwestern University. I was quickly promoted to Manager of the department and created new learning environments for faculty for distribution on the web.

     My experience in learning management was honed when I jwas promoted to Assistant Dean for Distributed Education at Northwestern University’s School of Communication. Additionally, I was the Director of the Distributed Learning Center that created online interactive programs to support faculty and student research. I designed the first distance-learning program for the university in 2001 and implemented a custom synchronous classroom technology system to provide student access throughout the world.

As project manager, I have engaged with over 200 Subject Matter Experts from domains including Medicine, Law, Finance and Marketing. My business and financial acumen was enhanced by my studies at the Kellogg School of Management. This training has allowed me to transform financial data from SMEs into meaningful learning and assessment environments. Additionally, this training provided me with new avenues to create social media marketing initiatives. My professional mastery of social media allows me to create peer-to-peer communities that enrich adult learning.

     I have additional training from the University of Wisconsin, Madison on e-learning creation and management. For the past fourteen years, I have created and managed online interactive learning and assessment programs for the American Board of Surgery, The Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, Baxter Healthcare, Pearson Med-Surg Nursing, Mather Gerontology Nursing, Chicago Kent School of Law, Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Rosalind Franklin University, and other institutions.

         In November of 2007, I left the university to create a prototype for the national online surgical resident curriculum for the American Board of Surgery.  This portal is a tremendous success and over 253 surgical residency programs in the United States are currently enrolled. 

     In 2010, I formed Discourse LLC, to design virtual patient learning and assessment simulations for the healthcare industry. Discourse has cases for training and assessment of virtual patients for medical students, surgical residents, and nursing students. These interactive simulations are based on the latest game theory for high engagement and successful completion of certification credits are currently utilized in twenty-five surgical residency programs. 

     In January of 2016 I sold my partnership in Discourse to concentrate my efforts on the development of Inter-Professional Training simulations using natural language acquisition, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality by forming Dennis Glenn LLC. During my extnsive professional career in the visual arts and technology, I have coached hundreds of colleagues, faculty, and students on how to prepare to advance thier skills in the technology arena. 


Dennis Glenn, MFA

Professional Overview

• Over 20 years of professional instructional design and training experience working with companies like Abbott & Baxter, and schools such as DePaul and Northwestern.
• Extensive background with designing interactive virtual simulations for learning and assessment that evaluate the cognitive decision-making abilities of knowledge workers. Advanced knowledge in the creation of microlearning simulations for stackable credentials.
• Advanced skills as a consultant to many corporations and schools; has designed learning systems, curricula, business plans, and classrooms for synchronous and asynchronous learning environments.

Core Qualifications

•Life Coach
• Instructional Designer / Curriculum Development
• Virtual Reality Interactive Learning and Assessment Simulation Design
• Social Media Community of Practice Expertise
• Professional Speaker and Presenter
• Distance Learning Design and Management

Technical Skills
• Expert in the following computer software applications: Articulate 360, Augmented Reality app creation, 3D Virtual Patient Simulations, Unity, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Captivate, Illustrator, After Effects,  Soundtrack Pro, Avid Video Composer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, GoToMeeting and WebEx Communications.
• Intermediate skills in: Natural Language Acquisition, 3D imaging, Snagit, knowledge of multiple Internet browsers and search engines and LMS administration.

Recent Projects
• Created a Unity Game-based Interactive Environment for Continuous Feedback for Higher Education Certification Courses
• Created Microlearning Stackable  Credential for DePaul Graduate Students in Business Ethics, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Created a One-day workshop on Microlearning Apps for University of Wisconsin DT&L Conference
• Created a One-day workshop on Microlearning Apps for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare 2021 International conference.
• Developed a One-day workshop on Microlearning Apps for GamiCon Conference 2021.
• Currently developing an Augmented Reality Anesthesia Machine app for Nurse Anesthetists learning and assessment.
• Just Completed a Unity Simulation Game for Curriculum Distribution Using a Museum Content Concept.
• Created a Micro-e-Learning Workshop for the Veterans Administration instructional design team.
• Designed and created interactive learning and assessment simulations for interprofessional cognitive training of surgeons and anesthetists.
 • American Association for Nurse Anesthetists: -Curriculum design for 3D Virtual Learning and Assessment simulation of Opioid Addiction Treatment for Continuing Education Certification for Nurse Anesthetists.

• Columbia College, Chicago, MFA: Digital Imaging
• Kellogg School of Management. Certificate: Business Administration
• University of Wisconsin, Madison, Certificate: Distance Learning
• Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA, Photographic Illustration
• Certified Life Coach Certificate (#2970454)


Dennis Glenn LLC: President (January 2016– Present)
• Design Interactive Virtual Patient Simulations for the healthcare industry.
• Currently developing programs with DePaul University Graduate School for Continuing and Professional Studies. February 2021 – April 2021.
• Recent Project: Curriculum design for 3D Virtual Learning and Assessment simulation of Opioid Addiction Treatment for Nurse Anesthetists to the American Association for Nurse Anesthetists. January 2019 to January 2020.
• Interactive Assessment Program designed for Abbott Nutrition developed in Articulate Storyline training modules to document and provide real-time feedback and change of behavior over time on critical document management initiatives. September 2017–January 2018.
 •Designed and created an interactive learning and assessment simulation for interprofessional cognitive training of surgeons and anesthetists. Rosalind Franklin University – January 2016 – January 2020.
•Designed and created an interactive learning and assessment simulation game environment using Unity for student-directed microlearning credentials for the Certificate Network Group. January 2020- October 2021.

Discourse LLC: Founding Partner of Discourse, LLC (05/2009 – 11/2015) EVP & Chief Learning Officer (04/2014 – 11/2015) President & Chief Executive Officer (05/2009 – 04/2014)
• Developed interactive virtual patient simulations for surgeons, surgery residents, medical students, nursing, law and healthcare audits. April 2010–2016.
• Society for Surgeons of the Alimentary Tract: Virtual Simulation for Maintenance of Certification for Surgical License. January 2011 – April 2013.
• Baxter Healthcare: Designed and created a simulation for training employees on how to administer an FDA audit. August 2013–November 2013.
• Mather LifeWays: Created virtual learning and assessment simulation for nursing home employees on care of patients after surgery to comply with the Affordable Care Act Provisions. January 2014–January 2015.
• IIT Chicago Kent School of Law: created leaning and assessment simulation for law associates.

DePaul University Graduate School for Continuing and Professional Studies: Faculty Appointments (January 2013– Present)
• Current Courses I designed for the graduate curriculum: Engaging Social Media to Maximize Its Potential; Mastery Learning Using Serious Game Simulations.
Previous Faculty Appointments: Columbia College Chicago, Northwestern University, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Dennis Glenn Consulting (11/2007–04/09)
• Created the prototype for the Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE) website, an interactive web-based learning environment for surgical resident training in the US. November 2007–January 2009.
• Created blending learning program for employees on media administration for Starcom MediaVest. January 2008–January 2009.

Northwestern University (04/1997 – 11/2007) Assistant Dean for Distributed Education / Distributed Learning Center Director (09/2001 – 11/2007)
• Created and Founding Director: Distributed Learning Center, School of Communications.
• Developed and managed the Distant Learning Component for the MSC Communication Systems, Strategy and Management Program.
• Principal Designer: Society Learning Content Management System.
• Designed interactive distance learning tools for Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Environments for School of Communication, Northwestern University Medical School and Law School.
• Designed and managed the transition to a blended learning program for the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Advanced Media Production Studio Manager / Visual & Curriculum Designer (04/1997 – 08/2001)
• Promoted video web-casting services for Northwestern University Information Technology Department clients throughout the university.
• Created multimedia for the Interactive Multimedia Database for the US Supreme Court Oyez Project with Northwestern University Political Science Department.
• Designed and created the interactive website: Last Expression: the Art of the Holocaust, requiring research and acquisition of material on three continents.


Directors Guild of America
Society for Simulations in Healthcare
Certification Network Group 

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