Micro-Learning Workshop

Micro-Learning, the Next Great Innovation in Education and Corporate Training
a hands-on workshop for corporate learning trainers and managers. Master the latest tools and techniques to advance your competency in Micro e-learning virtual training.

Despite all the new high-tech businesses being created today, the vast majority of new jobs are in workaday service industries, like health care, hospitality, retail, and building services. This workshop will offer four innovative solutions on how micro-learning can be implemented to your learning portfolio. We will access and explore Articulate Rise, Sketchfab 3D models with annotations, Virtual Patient Learning, and Assessment simulations, Augmented Reality for mobile devices, and 3D Virtual Reality. Three of these simulated experiences can be created in programs that do not require coding and are offered open source. Each online 90-minute interactive session will be followed at the learner’s convenience by an individual 30-minute session with Dennis Glenn for feedback and instruction.

At the end of this four-session workshop, you will be able to:

  • create a business plan for micro e-learning simulations with a tutorial of the Business Model Canvas program.
  • author micro-learning apps with software provided where a user must complete a task to demonstrate mastery.
  • learn using hands-on tutorials specifically produced for my graduate students of Articulate Rise, Sketchfab, and Zappar Augment Reality programs to create your own micro-learning apps.
  • showcase the four micro apps of your content to prepare a production proposal to management.
  • The workshop fee is $500.00. Class size is limited to seven participants.