Micro-Learning Workshop

Micro-Learning, the Next Great Innovation in
Corporate Training

Dennis Glenn has created a hands-on workshop for corporate learning trainers and managers to master the latest tools and techniques to advance their competency in Micro e-learning virtual training simulations.

Despite all the new high-tech businesses being created today, the vast majority of new jobs are in workaday service industries, like health care, hospitality, retail, and building services, where new technology is constantly being introduced to the workforce. This workshop is designed specifically for educations who need an introduction to interactive simulations that are quick and easy to create. These apps employ the latest engagement techniques including augmented reality. This workshop will offer three current solutions on how micro-learning can be implemented to your learning portfolio to rapidly create interactive task mastery simulations that are limited to one or two learning objectives.  At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Create a business plan for micro e-learning simulations using a tutorial of the Business Model Canvas program created for my graduate students.
  • Author three micro-learning apps with software provided where a user must complete a task to demonstrate mastery. In advance of the workshop you will be able to download three trial versions of the software utilized. These 30-day trial versions of the software will permit continued practice after the conference ends. Additionally, I will provide a recording of the entire workshop for your review.
  • Each participant will bring to the workshop a short description of the task they would like to master, text, images, videos, and data they need to incorporate into the app.
  • Each participant will create: one interactive quiz using Articulate Rise, an interactive mobile product parts inventory using Sketchfab, and an augmented reality machine set-up app using Zappar.

At the end of the workshop there will be a showcase where each participant will share one of their examples created aligned with the value proposition defined in the Business Model Canvas. Additionally, I will provide an individualized one-hour online session to discuss your progress and suggest next steps to mastery.
Cost: This 4-one hour virtual workshop plus a one-hour next-steps evaluation is priced at $200.00.

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