Virtual Patients

Virtual Patient Cases for Surgical and Nursing Instruction / 3D Virtual Patient for Opioid Addiction Assessment

Virtual patient cases provide educators with the opportunity to develop richly layered multidimensional teaching situations for their learners. Experts in medical and healthcare education, suggest that virtual patient cases can address the complexities inherent in medical education (Aschenbrener. cited in Candler 2001. (b) promote independent, interactive, self-directed and self-paced learning (Culp et al. 1999), (c) encourage critical thinking, decision-making (Boehner & Lindsay in Kim et al, 2006) and complex medical problem-solving, (d) support active learning, understanding and retention of information in long-tern memory, (e) facilitate assessment, (I) further individualization and (f) simulate learning in realistic scenarios, thus providing access to patient scenarios that are no longer available in the ‘clinical lab that is !he hospital’ (Levin, cited in Saunders, 2006)

Nancy Posel, David Fleiszer & Bruce M. Shore (2009) 12 Tips: Guidelines for authoring virtual patient cases, Medical Teacher, 31:8, 701-708, DOI: 10.1080/01421590902793867